Arestec is an independent, global, diversified engineering company, with the purpose of designing and build advanced, efficient, resilient, and cost-effective solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), delivering 24/365 quality energy supply systems from renewable energies or the grid in the following sectors:


Energy storage

In energy storage systems for microgrids or Power grids, Arestec integrates the most suitable battery, Inverters and other components to achieve the best performance for each project


Microgrids, connected or on island, are the solution for distributed energy and for the 24/365 supply of affordable and quality energy from renewable energies.

Power Grids

The batteries are the most convenient way to control the grid frequency and voltage deviations and eliminating or smoothing the harmonics that affect the quality of the microgrid or the grid.
Also, the storage can be used to:


 The Arestec team has actively participated in the design and development of both PV and wind generation, as well as mini-hydroelectric power plants

Control systems

The control system is the critical element responsible for the protection and optimal use of the battery and the proper functioning of the microgrid or the grid.
It is composed of: